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Improving spine & joint pain naturally

  • Feel Better & Heal Naturally
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  • Injury & Chronic Pain Relief

Begin Your Journey to Better Health

Chiropractic Care

What if there was a solution that may be able help your back pain without drugs or surgery?

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Worker's Compensation Board

Chiropractic Center for Health offers can help with work injuries and workers' compensation here in Calgary AB.

Motor Vehicle Accident

If you need personal care and personal care for your personal injury... look no further than Chiropractic Center for Health.

IV Therapy

Naturopath Administered IV Therapy

By offering therapeutic doses of nutrients directly to your blood stream, your body is better able to utilize the nutrients.

Massage Therapy

Taking the time for massage therapy can be a useful tool that can help you continue performing at your very best.

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Chiropractic Center for Health offer a wide range of acupuncture care options.

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Chiropractic Center for Health offers psychological services for a multitude of conditions.

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Wellness Care

Just because you don't feel sick, does not mean you feel as great as you could.

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Chiropractor Calgary AB

Welcome to Comprehensive Integrated Holistic Care

Welcome to The Chiropractic Center for Health, your destination for holistic healthcare in Calgary AB. We are your experienced chiropractors and holistic healthcare providers, dedicated to providing you with exceptional care that's convenient and effective.

Our Patient-Centered Approach

At The Chiropractic Center for Health, we prioritize your well-being. We offer same-day appointments seven days a week to ensure you receive timely care with minimal wait times. Our patient-centered philosophy means no contracts, no hefty deposits, and no pressure. We base our recommendations on current research and years of experience, helping you recover faster, whether you've been following our advice closely or have been away from care for some time.

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Chiropractic Center for Health

Your Path to Empowered Wellness

Empower yourself with better health. Call us now at (403) 226-4433 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors or therapists. Secure a convenient date for an examination and personalized care. Discover what your pain is trying to tell you before your options become limited to drugs or surgery. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the demands of modern life and offer safe, side-effect-free, natural, and effective care. Experience the difference of Comprehensive Integrated Holistic Care at The Chiropractic Center for Health.

Our Fantastic Location

The Chiropractic Center For Health, conveniently located just a few minutes west of the Calgary International Airport (YYC) and Deerfoot Trail on Country Hills Blvd NE, offers easy accessibility. With ample free parking right at our doorstep and hassle-free in-and-out access to our clinic situated within the Country Hills Town Centre, your arrival and departure are stress-free.

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Recovery & Wellness Program

Our program uses Comprehensive Integrated Holistic Care to address physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We educate and empower and help to discover the synergy of various disciplines. We use a preventative focus to address issues before they become chronic. We focus on teaching about Long-Term Wellness and embracing holistic health for a fulfilling life.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Patient Education
  • 1. Triage (Assessment and Education)

    • Holistic Assessment: Evaluate physical health and well-being.
    • Patient Education: Discover the benefits of an Integrated Holistic Wellness Program.
    • Personalized Plan: Tailored wellness plan addressing specific patient needs and goals.
    • Benefits: Knowledge empowerment and proactive holistic wellness.

  • 2. Transform (Alignment and Strengthening)

    • Chiropractic Care: Correct misalignments and optimize spinal and neurological function.
    • Massage Therapy: Relieve muscle tension and enhance relaxation.
    • Acupuncture: Improve energy flow and address health concerns.
    • Prolotherapy: Stimulate tissue healing and reduce pain.
    • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: Enhance healing and tissue repair.
    • Cold Laser Therapy: Utilize low-level laser technology for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and tissue regeneration.
    • Graston Technique: Incorporate specialized instruments to address soft tissue restrictions and improve mobility.
    • Benefits: Pain prevention, recovery, enhanced mobility, stress reduction, and vitality.

Chiropractic Calgary AB Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic Calgary AB Well Man
  • 3. Thrive (Wellness and Vitality)

    • Wellness Checkups: Maintain spinal and neurological health and detect issues early.
    • Psychology: Support mental well-being and emotional balance.
    • Naturopathic Medicine: Support natural healing and balance.
    • IV Therapy: Infuse nutrients for vitality and well-being.
    • Benefits: Sustained wellness, reduced risk, and a vibrant life.

Common Areas We Treat

We use multiple strategies to help chronic pain and offer a variety of safe, effective options with our team of providers. Areas we help include:

  • Wrist
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Elbow
  • Low Back
  • Hip
  • Feet
  • Headaches

Wrist Pain, Arthritis, CMC Joint Pain


Torn Meniscus, Arthritis, Jumpers Knee, Runners Knee, Chondromalacia Patella


Sprained Ankle, Arthritis


Torn Rotator Cuff, Arthritis in the Shoulder, Labrum Tear, Bicep Tear, Impingement Syndrome


Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow


Chronic Low Back Pain


Bone on bone hip osteoarthritis and hip bursitis


Plantar Fasciitis, Joint Pain in the Toes, Achilles Tendonitis


Muscle tightness, spasms, strains, soreness


Dull pain, migraines, concussions

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