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When a person does not tolerate stress well or is subjected to high levels of emotional, chemical, and/or physical stress - the sympathetic nervous system begins to dominate the parasympathetic nervous system. Muscles tighten, bones are pulled out of proper alignment, and pain from inflammation begins to be felt. The team at Chiropractic Center for Health is ready to help you today!

What is Chiropractic in Calgary?

Chiropractic care restores optimal function and balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system thereby allowing for improved brain to body communication and subsequent improvement in one’s physiology.

When a patient’s physiology is optimized - inflammation is often reduced thereby lessening discomfort. An ever-increasing body of research suggests that besides pain and stiffness, inflammation appears to be the root cause behind many health robbing conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Thus reducing inflammation not only eases suffering but may as well produce long-term health benefits.

Our Chiropractic Techniques

The Primary Adjusting Techniques We Use Include:

  • Diversified
  • Impulse Instrument Adjusting
  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Técnica Gavilan


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