Chiropractic Testimonials

“Not only was Dr. John Scott D.C. knowledgeable and skilled, but he taught me a lot about my condition, and about wellness care and fitness.”

- Brian G.

“The experience with this office is very pleasant. Reception staff are always helpful and happy and the doctors are quite helpful and accommodating.”

- Melodie T.

“Very professional, nice doctors, and great service. They are able to answer most of the questions that we have.”

- Cora

“My health has greatly improved since coming here. The chiropractors and staff all make the healing, learning experience a good one so that I can take better care of myself.”

- Lisa T.

“I am very satisfied with the overall experience. Everyone is pleasant and helpful in the office. The environment is relaxed and comfortable.”

- Christy S.

“The visits were good and usually very little waiting.”

- Jason M.

“It was good. Nice friendly staff.”

- Kulwinder S.

“All staff are very professional and take time to listen. I also want people to get better with natural medicine rather than with pharmaceuticals.”

- Kerry S.

“Great clinic I highly recommend them!”

- Cyndi F.

“Very good service and treatment would recommend it to anyone.”

- Carol G.

“Very friendly and helpful staff. Interested in how you are and a genuine sense of care. Very happy with the treatment.”

- Lee M.

“My daughters enjoy coming every week. They have been feeling much better and more pain-free days.”

- Merrie-Ann H.

“My experiences at Country Hills Chiropractic have been excellent. The staff are kind and attentive. It’s a very relaxing stress-free environment. I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor but my back issues began to subside almost immediately after just the first visit. They are experienced, dedicated people at Country Hills Chiropractic. I would definitely recommend this clinic!”

- Shannon B.

“I am grateful for your help!!”

- Monique A.

“I am very happy with the care I have received here. Thank you so much!”

- Kim H.

“My care has been excellent and has restored my mobility both to normal or better than before my injury.”

- Troy D.

“People here are great and very friendly. It’s a great feeling of relaxation and comfort.”

- Bryce

“I have felt supported by all the doctors in the office, they have helped me minimize the pain from a point where it was a constant struggle to a point where I usually have little or no pain.”

- Carolyn M.

“I have rarely had to wait. My appointments have been convenient, at times that work for me. All my questions are answered immediately. The treatments have been very effective.”

- Marianne H.

“I have had chronic lower back pain for the last 10 years. Treatment and general health and lifestyle advice from the doctors here have greatly improved my lifestyle and general health and wellness. My chronic condition has now been reduced to the occasional need for an adjustment.”

- Steven C.

“I find Dr. John Scott D.C. very sensitive and he takes the time to listen and give good advice on how to help myself.”

- Susan P.

“I like CHC very much. From the front end staff to the doctors and massage therapists. This place is excellent. I would have no problem referring someone I know to come here for any of one of the services mentioned above.”

- Jason B.

“I started coming here in August after I injured my back for the second time in 4-5 weeks. To be honest, I wasn’t terribly impressed with how often or for how long my treatment was supposed to go on. But I also realized I needed to follow through to see what the results would be.

Now that it’s April and I am at the point of possibly lengthening the time between visits, I am much more aware of the importance of coming regularly. I’m glad I kept coming. I very much appreciate the care I have received and also the atmosphere of the office.”

- Rose B.

“Well I’ve been coming here for a couple of years now - and it really has helped with my initial accident that brought me here. In fact, I’m in better health now than before the accident. Thanks, guys.”

- Anonymous

“I always feel that I’ve benefited from my treatments and feel much better afterward. Adhering to a set schedule of treatments is definitely recommended, as sporadic treatments only help when you come in.”

- Lacey Jae S.

“Overall very good experience.”

- Linda W.

“It’s great to come here and fix my back and feet, and do a good job.”

- Thuan N.

“As someone who has had negative experiences with chiropractic care in the past, I have been very impressed with this office. There has been no lack of communication regarding the process and issues I may be experiencing.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I also appreciate that this office offers other natural health options of which I have taken full advantage of regular massage appointments.”

- Celeste T.

“The staff and doctors are very kind and sensitive to the patient’s needs. I have had a positive experience and believe I have also benefitted from the adjustments.”

- Phyllis A.

“After months of treatment, my pain on the back disappears. Thanks!”

- Anonymous

“The doctors here care about your health but also your goals and work with you to achieve them.”

- Harriet S.

“The doctors and massage therapists are great!”

- Anonymous

“Your attention to my symptoms is appreciated.”

- Allan H.

“Keep up the good work.”

- Alan J.

“Feel great. Thanks! I’m very confident in the treatment prescribed.”

- Angela J.

“Thank you so much for facilitating such an expedient recovery.”

- Charity J.

“Enjoying the physical results, the knowledge gained, and the staff.”

- Chris M.

“Everything is very well looked after. Thank you, keep up the good work.”

- Anonymous

“I am so impressed with this clinic. I feel better than I have in a long time. I enjoy my visits, I feel important when I come here and I feel that my personal health matters.”

- Carmen W.

“I am receiving excellent care from the doctors, it’s been a great experience (well as much as you can have at the doctor).”

- Corinne P.

“Very satisfied with the care and would and do recommend this clinic to acquaintances.”

- Clarice M.

“Very concerned people about my health.”

- Francis B.

“Everyone in this clinic attempts to get to know me on a more personal level. I’m not just another body walking in. That I feel is the greatest feeling for a patient, thank you.”

- Ellen H.


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