Struggling with Vertigo in Calgary AB?

chiropractic care helps patients with vertigo

Vertigo can literally turn your life upside down. Many people with vertigo seek out a Calgary AB chiropractor and find a great deal of improvement in their condition. Vertigo is a medical condition of feeling dizzy. The individual will feel as if they or objects around them are spinning. This can be caused by a variety of conditions. Some of the more common include Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) or Cervicogenic Vertigo.


Before we get into talking about the causes of vertigo, let’s go over some of the most common symptoms to help you determine if this is what you are dealing with. Two different kinds of dizziness are often assumed to be Vertigo. Sometimes people say that they feel dizzy when they actually mean that they feel like they are going to pass out or faint.

Others say they feel dizzy when they perceive objects around them spinning and moving. Vertigo is a medical term that is used to describe the second situation. It is important to differentiate between the two sensations because each has a different set of causes and appropriate treatments.

Vertigo can range from a small nuisance to an indication of a severe underlying condition. Contrary to popular belief, dizziness is not the only symptom associated with this disorder. Some of the symptoms of vertigo that commonly accompany dizziness are:

  • Blurry vision or difficulty focusing
  • Problems hearing, especially in one ear
  • Ringing ears
  • Trouble maintaining balance
  • Feeling fatigued or tired all the time
  • Double vision


BPPV is a medical condition in which special crystals found in your inner ear called “otoconia” become dislodged. As these crystals float around they brush up against special sensory cells and cause the sensation of dizziness. These crystals once knocked loose can be found in two different places that can ultimately cause vertigo symptoms.

The first is in the semicircular canals. These canals help with maintaining balance. When the crystals are found here the condition is termed “Canalithiasis”. They can also be found within the ampulla along the cupula. This structure helps with spatial orientation.

When the crystals are found here the condition is called “Cupulolithiasis”. Both are treatable conditions in Calgary AB and can be done so with a series of movements to rid the crystals from the canals or the cupula.


This medical condition is caused by misalignment or improper motion of the cervical vertebra. When this happens, reflex muscle spasms or alteration of the input to the vestibular nerve may occur. The alteration of this nerve may cause the sensation of dizziness. In this case, a cervical adjustment done by a chiropractor at Chiropractic Center for Health in Calgary AB is recommended.

For help with either of these or if you have any questions book an appointment with Dr. Aaron D.C.

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