Direct Billing Now Availible!

Chiropractic Calgary AB Massage Therapy Direct Payment Fist Of Money

We are so excited to announce that the Chiropractic Center for Health will be providing the convenience of direct billing for massage treatments through your primary insurance provider in Calgary AB. Should you have secondary coverage-a receipt of funds will be provided for your personal submission.

Direct Billing For Massage Services in Calgary AB

Since we are only in the beginning phase of direct billing, we have decided to only submit to insurance companies who are part of TELUS eClaims. Don't worry! That doesn't mean we won't direct bill to your insurance company in the future. If your direct billing insurance company is not on this page, but you know that you do have coverage for your chosen service, we ask that you pay for the service upfront and we will provide you with the receipt for reimbursement from your insurance company.

How It Works

Once you have filled out our Insurance Information Form for our direct billing service - if eligible - your benefit provider will reimburse our clinic directly. If you only have partial coverage, we will have you pay the remaining portion that was not covered by your insurance provider at the time of treatment. Please note we are unable to determine if your plan will allow direct billing or how much coverage you have per year, please contact your benefit provider for assistance or pre-authorization should you have any questions.

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