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IV nutrient therapy in Calgary AB delivers high dose nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system. This method allows quicker and more effective absorption of nutrients to support healing and feeling your best. IV nutrients can support general wellness and offer benefits to those dealing with a variety of health conditions. We'll assess your health, review your health history, and make recommendations if IV nutrient therapy is right for you. We'll walk you through how to prepare for treatments and care for yourself after treatments, as well as possible side effects of IV nutrient therapy.

Who can Benefit in Calgary AB

IV nutrient therapy has a wide range of applications, from correcting nutrient deficiency, rehydration and promoting performance benefits, providing immune support, recovering from states of poor health and illness, providing mitochondrial support, benefitting chronic stress and setting your body up for higher quality sleep, among many more. By offering therapeutic dose of nutrients in their active form directly to your blood that are typically taken orally, your body is better able to utilize the nutrients.

What to expect?

Before your treatment, our naturopathic doctor will do a thorough case history and relevant physical exams to determine if your case can benefit from IV nutrient therapy, as well as to rule out any red flag conditions. You may be asked to give a urine sample to assess current kidney function, and your vitals will be monitored before and after the IV, and in some cases during the IV. Drips range in time from 30 minutes to about 2 hours. This depends on the size of IV bag (100, 250, or 500ml), the placement of the IV, and the speed at which you can tolerate the ingredients.

Before your IV

It is important to eat a substantial meal sometime before your IV to ensure your blood sugar levels are sufficient, and drink about 1L of water the day of your IV, especially if you have a history of difficulty finding your veins.

During Your IV

Our naturopathic doctor and staff will do everything we can to make you comfortable for the duration of the IV, including being seated in a comfortable chair. We recommend you wear comfortable and warm clothing, as well as to bring a form of entertainment (book, phone, tablet) to keep you occupied especially during longer IV treatments. It is important to stay awake for the duration of the IV. You will be given a pager in the case you get any discomfort, have to use the restroom, or need to get in touch will our naturopathic doctor or staff for any reason.

After the Treatment

You will be instructed on the specifics of post-IV care at the visit, but some of the more important things to consider are: increase water intake the rest of the day after you IV, this will ensure proper hydration as some IV drips can be slightly dehydrating to your cells. Refrain from heavy lifting and intense exercise in the day following an IV.

Is IV Therapy for Everyone?

IV therapy is a great option for a great deal of individuals and conditions, but it is not suitable for everyone. Those with G6PD deficiency, kidney or liver damage/dysfunction, very low platelet count, high blood pressure, and congestive heat failure (CHF) may not qualify. This will be discussed in your initial consult.


It is important to monitor your overall well-being. It is not uncommon you may feel a little sleepy after your treatment. It is common, but insignificant, to get a metallic/multivitamin taste in your mouth due to the B-vitamins, and glutathione drips may cause your urine to have a sulphurous (rotten eggs) smell. You may notice bruising at the IV puncture site in the days following the IV, this should dissipate within a week. Your doctor will explain some more serious but rare complications to look out for during and in the days following your IV treatment.


When performed by a naturopathic doctor, IV therapy falls under a naturopathic visit, and therefore is covered by most insurance companies that offer naturopathic coverage. Check your benefits package or insurance plan to see if you have naturopathic coverage.


Meyer's Cocktail

This formula typically includes calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and B vitamins, but can also include a number of other minerals including selenium and zinc. It can be used to improve sleep quality, balance hormones, support the immune system, and improve overall well-being.

Immune Support

There are a few ways to improve your immune function to help get rid of lingering illnesses. Depending on which route is best, it could be a combination of various vitamins, high dose vitamin C, immune boosting minerals zinc and selenium, or immune stimulating medical grade hydrogen peroxide. With the option to add glutathione for additional antioxidant power.

Energy and Recovery

Depending on the cause of low energy, there are a few formulas I can choose from. These formulas may be be beneficial for those who are chronically stressed, jet lagged, post concussion, or have put their body through a stressful time. In addition to a standard Meyer's cocktail, these formulas may contain increased doses of B-vitamins to help your adrenals deal with stress, or may contain ATP and amino acids L-taurine and L-carnitine to help with energy depletion at the cell level.

Athletic Performance

In addition to the standard vitamins and minerals of a modified Myer's cocktail, this formula includes alpha GPC, L-arginine, and L-glutamine which will benefit muscle function and improve recovery for more successful athletic outcomes, whether the goal is to improve endurance, increase strength, or improve recovery from intense exercise.

Glutathione Push

Glutathione is our bodies master antioxidant. It helps protect red blood cells and arteries from damage, can improve skin quality, may boost your immune system, protect your body from oxidative stress, and reduce liver damage from toxins and other harmful substances.


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