What is EMDR?
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing in Calgary

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When we encounter terrifying events or challenging life experiences, the body's trauma response takes over. Naturally, the brain and the body work together to process this experience so that we feel safe again. To schedule a psychology appointment, call our team at Chiropractic Center for Health in Calgary today!

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing in Calgary

What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)" followed by " EMDR is used to treat and alleviate distress related to trauma or challenging life experiences. The EMDR technique focuses on the individual's current issues and operates on the belief that emotionally charged events from one's past affect their current emotions, sensations, and thoughts. EMDR processing helps the individual break through the emotional barriers that may be preventing them from living an emotionally healthy life. EMDR assists individuals in letting go of the past and updating their experiences to a healthier present perspective.

How does it work?

When we encounter highly distressing situations, the body's trauma reaction can interfere with our ability to think logically. EMDR activates both the logical and emotional sides of the brain, allowing the individual to have a more comprehensive view of the traumatic situation. EMDR is 8 stages long and begins with using a set of techniques to organize one's negative and positive feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

This is followed by the use of bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or alternating tapping, which encourages the brain to create new neural connections to work through challenging memories and process trauma.

What is trauma?

Trauma can develop from one single incident or from multiple stressful events that have been experienced over time. Trauma can range from intense events like car accidents, watching someone get hurt, and domestic or sexual abuse, to smaller but still significant events like being a victim of bullying, rejection, or relationship issues. EMDR has been clinically proven to assist in stimulating new neural pathways to process, resolve, and heal trauma.

How many sessions will it take?

The length of EMDR therapy will vary for each individual and is dependent upon the complexity of the problem and the client's history. Will I get emotional? Yes, emotions may come up during EMDR processing. Before processing begins, you will work together with your therapist to learn how to manage your emotions safely. Your therapist will be there to support you throughout this process.

How do I know if EMDR is the right fit for me?

You may discuss any questions or concerns with your therapist to find out if EMDR is a suitable style of therapy to help you meet your therapeutic goals. To book a complimentary 15-minute consultation, please call our office at (403) 226-4433.


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