2018 Must See Landmark In Calgary AB

Calgary Tower in Calgary AB

Calgary AB in Canada is a hidden gem nestled just one hundred kilometers east of the Rocky Mountains. Although Calgary is not the largest Canadian city, it does boast a population of one and a quarter million people and is one of the nicest cities in the World. (Ranked the 5th most livable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit EIU) The Calgary area has a cascade of landmarks like Olympic Plaza, Princess Island Park, Fort Calgary, and Heritage Park to name a few. The one landmark that is the most famous in Calgary AB however is the Calgary Tower.

History of The Tower

The Calgary Tower is located in downtown Calgary AB in the City's core. The structure was built in 1968 to celebrate Canada's centennial. It took only 15 months to build and for only 3.5 million dollars. Its original name was the Husky Tower as the building served as the head office for Husky Oil. The name was changed to the Calgary Tower in 1971. The building at the time was the largest free-standing building in Calgary AB and 2nd largest in Canada.

The Design

The Calgary tower stands 190.8 meters (626 feet) and was designed to withstand earthquakes and winds up to 161km/hour or 100 miles per hour. The restaurant at the top of the Calgary tower rotates to give its patrons a 360-degree view of the city whilst dining. There is a glass extension that was built out at a later date that allows patrons to stand on and get a straight-down view of 9 avenue. Although being built in 1968, visitation to the tower exceeded over 500 000 visitors in 1993 as it remains one of the top sites to visit in Calgary AB despite being almost 50 years old and not being the largest building in Calgary anymore.

Other important dates

With regards to the Calgary tower since its inception includes 1973, the Dutch Canadian Centennial Committee gifted the sound of carillon bells to the City of Calgary AB in celebration of Calgary AB's centennial as well as a gift for Canada's efforts in the liberation of the Netherlands during World War Two. In 1988 Calgary held the 15th Winter Olympic games, a gas cauldron was added to the Calgary Tower to represent the Olympic Torch. A helicopter flew in the cauldron which weighs 4000 kilograms or roughly 8800 pounds. The cauldron, also 4 meters diameter or 13 feet, was lit by former Canadian medalist Jungle Jim Hunter to commemorate the games. The torch was said to have been seen from 26 kilometers or 16 miles away and stayed lit for the duration of the games. The torch is still lighting up sometimes for special occasions such as Canada Day and other monumental occasions.


The uniqueness and design of the Calgary tower provides a uniqueness to the downtown skyline that distinguishes Calgary AB from any other city in the entire world. The Tower itself lends to the beauty of the land as it provides a panoramic view of the city as well as the Rocky Mountains. The Calgary tower with its history and uniqueness is a must-see for all visitors and residents to the city.