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Acupuncturist, Evelyn Clark, provides Chinese Herbal Medicine to Chiropractic Center for Health patients. Learn more on how Chinese Herbal Medicine in Calgary AB can benefit you.

Herbal Medicine Treatment in Calgary AB

Centuries old Chinese herbs are used today under modern pharmaceutical standards and extensive research. There are over 5,000 medicinal substances currently used in Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbs mostly consist of barks, roots, seeds, flowers and minerals.

Chinese herbal medicine is based on the synergistic effect of multiple ingredients. Chinese herbal formulas are carefully selected specific to each patient's needs and underlying constitution.

Chinese herbal medicine is drug free, extremely safe and effective when prescribed by a qualified Oriental medicine practitioner. I prescribe Chinese herbs of the highest quality, purity and efficacy produced by Bema Botanical in Vancouver.

Bema Botanical meet the strictest standards for purity, potency and safety. They are backed by Certificates of Analysis and fully comply with Health Canada's Good Manufacturing Practices. (GMP). Bema Products are free of aristolochic acid and are screened for pesticides, bacteria and heavy metals (such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium).


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