Adolescent Counselling in Calgary AB

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During our developmental years, the way we think in Calgary AB depends heavily on others and how we believe the world perceives us. Distorted thinking leads us to believe that we are being judged by those around us, causing us to become self-conscious and easily embarrassed by minor mishaps. Negative thinking patterns may lead to the development of barriers such as social anxiety, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

Adolescent Counselling in Calgary AB

Children and adolescents are continually going through transitional periods in their lives. They are being faced with various expectations, achieving milestones, and undergoing developmental changes. Many issues and circumstances that affect these young individuals are related to relationships and the various systems they are a part of. As they go through these changes, they require connection and positive support networks to help them overcome these obstacles and gain self-efficacy. Counseling may assist youth in forming healthy relationships and finding positive role models that may provide guidance during these trying times.

The Age of Social Media

As the world of technology continues to evolve, the influence of social media and its effects on our thoughts and behaviors is stronger now than ever. An association has been found between social media use and mood dysregulation. Social comparison has been found to lead to the development of negative thinking habits.

Given these recent findings, therapeutic interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be beneficial in challenging some of the negative thinking patterns of today's youth. CBT may help children and youth become aware of how their thought processes influence their emotions and behaviors. Cognitive therapies can support the creation of skills and strategies to help navigate various issues, such as low self-esteem, eating disorders, and bullying.

Therapeutic interventions can help children and adolescents build insight into their situations, improve self-control, emotional regulation, build coping skills and resiliency, and help them achieve their counseling goals.

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