Meet Our Team

Chiropractor John Scott D.C.

Chiropractor Calgary AB John ScottLike many new patients, Dr. John Scott, North Calgary chiropractor at Chiropractic Center for Health, used to be skeptical of chiropractic care. It wasn’t until his sister introduced him to a chiropractor, Dr. Greg, that his feelings began to change.

But it wasn’t just Dr. Greg that made a lasting impact. Dr. John noticed that every patient in his office was happy, smiling and relaxed — and most importantly, they seemed quite healthy.

Learning the Chiropractic Craft

Dr. John graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario, which is where he learned what it meant to help people get better. He saw firsthand just how capable the human body was of healing itself, given the proper care.

In school and after seeing personally the suffering of many friends and family members, Dr. John knew his goal wasn’t just to get people healthy, but to keep them that way naturally.

Providing Life-Changing Care

At Chiropractic Center for Health, we’re aware that patients lead busy lives with hectic schedules, which is why we want to respect your time by conveying information in a meaningful way. Dr. John doesn’t just aim to provide immediate relief, but to ultimately bring a better sense of what optimal living and health truly mean.

He has a particular interest in nutrition, supplementation, fitness, sports injuries, headaches, neck injuries as well as whiplash trauma resulting from auto accidents.

“Helping patients understand why they’re experiencing pain and finding the underlying health issue that they’re facing is the reason I became a chiropractor.

I want people to be able to live their life on their own terms. No limitations. That’s living."

- Dr. John Scott

Staying Active Outside of the Office

When Dr. John isn’t changing lives in the office, he can be found in the net — goaltending, that is! An avid hockey player and fan, Dr. John even holds a winning record against Dr. Ross from college.

Dr. John also practices what he preaches, getting weekly adjustments in the office to maintain his health.

Chiropractor Ross Jeske D.C.

Chiropractor Calgary AB Ross Jeske

Early Experience With Care

As a collegiate/university hockey player, I was constantly putting my body through rigorous training and physical poundings. Unlike most of my colleagues, who suffered from many ailments like back, neck and knee pain, I was able to enjoy my athletic career relatively pain free. I had always attributed that to my being a chiropractic patient.

That is how I chose chiropractic as a career, I saw the results first hand. Not only did chiropractic care help me play relatively pain free, it also helped me play at my best. You could say that I was inspired to become a Chiropractor solely on the results chiropractic had on me.

"I chose chiropractic as a career because I saw the results first hand. Not only did chiropractic care help me enjoy my athletic career relatively pain free, but it also helped me play at my best."

- Dr. Ross Jeske

Chiropractic Education

After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, majoring in athletic therapy, I attended Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia. I decided that after living in Alberta, Canada all of my life, if I was going to move somewhere to go to school, it had better be hot, and nothing sounded hotter to me than Hotlanta!!!!!!!

At our office, we understand that every patient is different. Thus, we try our best to communicate with each and every individual; the cause of their problem, what type of care would be best appropriate for their particular condition, as well as lifestyle changes that would benefit not only their condition but improve their overall health and well being. If your condition is not something chiropractic can help, we will refer to where you need to go.

Outside the Office

When I am not at work, my wife and I are actively involved in our children’s activities. That is usually a lot considering we have four very active children. Like the many families that we treat at our office; myself, my wife and our children are also patients at our office.

I enjoy leading an active lifestyle; playing hockey once a week, lifting weights and running as well. I receive chiropractic adjustments every other week to maintain my active lifestyle and as well as prevent me from injuring myself at work or at home.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenges.

Naturopath Kate Kokoski BA., ND

Chiropractic Calgary AB Kate Kokoski NaturopathKate Kokoski, BA., ND, is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. Born and raised in Calgary, she completed her undergraduate degree in Communications and Culture graduating with honors from the University of Calgary. Her passion for health and helping others led her to a four-year medical program in Toronto at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. As part of her studies, she completed a 12-month internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, the largest naturopathic clinic in North America.

Dr. Kate has a strong interest in prolotherapy, sports medicine, chronic pain and pain management, mental health and digestive conditions.

Conditions treated:

  • Acute sports injuries
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Boosting immune function
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Chronic pain
  • Digestive complaints
  • Pain management
  • Sports medicine
  • Stress management
  • Tennis and Golfers elbow, Shin Splints and Rotator Cuff injuries
  • Weight management
  • Children’s and Women’s Health

When Dr. Kate is not in the office she can be found in the gym lifting weights with her husband or traveling around the world together. They live a very active lifestyle with each other and their dog, Bruce.


Chiropractor Aaron D'Amico D.C.

Early Experience With Care

My journey began growing up in a chiropractic family where my father (Dr. Kevin D’Amico) also practiced Chiropractic Care here in Calgary. Being brought up in this type of atmosphere, the health and wellness path caught my eye. When I was a young boy, as boys do, I had several injuries. Lucky enough for me, my dad was there to take care of me during these crazy times. As I grew older and saw the health benefits that chiropractic provided I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This is how and why I chose to become a chiropractor.

I feel the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to follow a C.R.E.A.D., this means Chiropractic treatment, adequate Rest, regular Exercise, a positive Attitude and a healthy Diet.”

- Dr. Aaron D’Amico

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Aaron D’Amico achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. While at Mount Royal University, he also obtained his Minor in Chemistry and aided in a research publication. He then went on to pursue his dream of becoming a Chiropractor and attended Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose, California. Here his advanced education reinforced his belief of the amazing and wonderful outcomes that chiropractic could achieve.

Dr. Aaron is a hands-on kind of chiropractor who does specialised soft tissue work as well as adjustments. Here he is certified in other chiropractic modalities such as Active Release Technique®, Instrument assisted soft tissue massage (Gavilán®) and taping.

During Dr. Aaron’s training, he volunteered his time and services with many sports related events throughout the California area helping athletes optimally perform in their events. Some of these included:

  • San Jose University Rugby team.
  • Santa Cruz, California Surfers Path Marathon.
  • Monterey, California Sea Otter Classic bike competition.
  • San Jose, California Turkey Trot Marathon.
  • San Francisco, California Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.

Outside the Office

To help pay for his education, he worked in the labor and trade industries. This has given him immense respect for those that dedicate themselves to these professions.

Currently you can find Dr. Aaron watching his Calgary Flames in action or playing hockey as a defencemen on the ice. He also enjoys Snowboarding, playing squash, soccer, or going hiking with family and friends. Because of the very active lifestyle Dr. Aaron leads he gets weekly adjustments to help maintain his healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractor Shaunessy Keita D.C.

Chiropractor Calgary AB Shaunessy Keita

Growing up in a big family, I was always around other kids and babies, lots of babies! I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew it would involve babies. Naturally, this love of babies grew into a love for bellies and all things pregnancy.

I attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and completed my Honours Bachelor of Health Science degree, with a specialization in Kinesiology. Learning how the body works, and what it is capable of, was fascinating. That's why, in my 3rd year of University, when a professor was teaching Anatomy, I had to find out how she knew so much about the body, and with such ease and detail. To my surprise, she said she was a chiropractor. I had no idea what a chiropractor was or what they did but I quickly found out! Researching this amazing profession was incredible. This was my first introduction to Chiropractic - at 22 years old - but I knew immediately, this is what I was meant to do. So I booked myself in for my first adjustment to experience first hand, the body's ability to self-heal. The relief I felt was amazing and over the next few days I also noticed improved sleep and digestion.

I knew there was so much more to learn and was eager to start this new adventure at The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto. I encountered a bit of a road block when in my 3rd year of chiropractic school, my husband Mory and I were surprised with the pregnancy of our first daughter, Maliyah. At the same time, we experienced some immigration difficulties and my husband had to leave Canada until his permanent residency was approved - an estimated 2 years. So here we were, married and expecting our first baby, but we were separated by thousands of miles. I was not going to raise our baby alone but I didn't want to give up on becoming a chiropractor. It was during this time, when I experienced how necessary a Mother's Village was. It was incredible how my family, friends, classmates and roommates helped me throughout my pregnancy and for 2 months of Mama-hood. It's something I'll never forget. I also received amazing care from both faculty and students throughout my pregnancy - as chiropractic care was necessary to keep my body in alignment and my nervous system in check (to say I was stressed, was only the tip of the iceberg). It was the best case in an unfortunate scenario.

So after completing my exams, we moved to the Caribbean to be together as a family. We had an amazing time living as locals on the island - Maliyah basically growing up on the beach in her cloth diapers. However, after the year off, Maliyah and I had to return to Canada, without my husband, so I could begin my clinic year at CMCC. This was incredibly difficult but I still wanted to be a Chiropractor. I came back to My Village and once again, they helped me until my husband was approved for his permanent residency a few months later. And just as we thought life was settling down, it got slightly complicated, again. We were surprised with the pregnancy of our second daughter, Rokeiyah, and my due date was 2 weeks after graduation, but I was determined. I graduated from CMCC Cum Laude and with Clinic Honours. It wasn't easy but with the help of My Village and the support of my husband, I did it!

Since graduating, I have been practicing in Calgary, providing care for many families, from babies to grandparents, with a special interest in perinatal and pediatric care. When working with your family, I promise to put my heart and soul into your care - I love what I do and I want to understand your goals in order to meet your needs.

Psychologist Mckenzie Whalley MC, RPsyc

Mckenzie Whalley is a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta and has worked in a variety of clinical and community healthcare settings. Additionally, she has trained under leading experts in the areas of trauma, clinical hypnosis and change oriented counselling.

Mckenzie takes great pride in helping others recover from the debilitating effects of psychological trauma and works hard to ensure she is on the cutting edge of practical and evidence based services for her clients. Mckenzie excels at creating a non-judgmental and empathetic environment where she implements individualized treatment plans specific to the needs of her patients.

Mckenzie spent her childhood and teenage years in Calgary until moving to Edmonton to pursue her academic studies in the realm of psychology. Before chasing her passion for helping others, she competed as a national level athlete in the sport of figure skating; an experience that shaped her as a individual and a professional. Nowadays, she enjoys spending time with her family, tending to her vegetable garden, and taking her two canine pals to the dog park.

Acupuncturist Kim Dunlop DTCM, LAc

Amazing Healing Modality

Acupuncture has been a part of my life for many years now. As a patient, I was amazed to discover what it was able to do for my body. The acupuncturist I saw was very good about explaining the medicine to me as he treated me. The day he told me that the organs in Chinese Medicine were affiliated with emotions I was hooked! I wanted to learn more about this amazing medicine that was doing so much for my health. And so began my path toward becoming a registered acupuncturist.

I love what I do and feel honoured to be a part of people’s journey toward health and vitality. I treat a number of different health conditions. I’ve successfully treated: insomnia, menopausal symptoms, digestive issues, constipation, menstrual issues, restless legs syndrome, arthritis, flus and colds, anxiety, depression, headaches, migraines, and fatigue.

I am a registered acupuncturist and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, having studied at the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I am also a member of the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA). I am currently accepting new patients and look forward to sharing this amazing healing modality that I have experienced first-hand and am privileged to now share with others.

Amanda Rampersaud - 250 Hour Diploma

I was born in 1983 and raised here in Calgary, Alberta. My mother Canadian and my father from Guyana, South America. All my life I always had a strong interest in body health, nutrition, and beauty. After graduating from high school, it took some time and patience to discover the path to my passions.

Although I have always had a keen interest in body health and well-being, I believe that it was only after a serious motor vehicle accident I had gone through; when I knew I really wanted to become a massage therapist. My head trauma and soft tissue neck injury had become a very painful and extensive healing process, mentally and physically, involving weekly treatments, one of them being massage therapy. I immediately became drawn to the healing world of massage, after witnessing its amazing benefits, and am now dedicated to being a part of that healing process for people. I then went on to pursue obtaining my certification at Calgary’s Professional Institute of Massage Therapy.

I am also a certified professional Makeup Artist, in which I attended school for at Calgary’s Marvel College. I love doing makeup for all events but especially love doing it for weddings and fashion photo shoots. Makeup Artistry is definitely another one of my passions, along with music, and now traveling.

Chamtara Chhang - 2200 Hour Diploma

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in a field where I would be able to help others. During high school, I joined a peer support program that involved aiding peers through their obstacles. After graduating from high school, I first discovered the benefits of massage therapy while being treated for whiplash, and then again later during my pregnancy, massage helped me significantly!

I became interested in learning about the process of its healing effects. That was when I realized that I wanted to become a massage therapist. In 2010 I completed my first year at CDI College with 1200 hours, then in 2013 I completed an additional 1000 hours at Turner Institute of Orthopedic Massage. Therapeutic, Swedish, Prenatal, and Orthopedic techniques are the modalities that I have gained, and I will continue to expand my knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have found a career that I enjoy, it allows me to help others through the creative healing touch.

Aside from work, I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family, traveling, yoga, reading, fitness and outdoor activities.

Chelsea Skogen - 2200 Hour Diploma

Chelsea grew up in a Hamlet in northern Alberta, with the population being so small that the closest massage therapist was a 30 minute drive away. Chelsea has had a passion for helping people since the young age at 10. She often helped her father’s shoulder feel better utilizing massage – after he had separated it in a car accident and never properly rehabilitated it.

After graduating from MH Vicars she took a Jade Stone massage course. Chelsea then decided to make the move from Red Deer to Calgary, to be closer to her extended family, the mountains and to explore more opportunities.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling, playing basketball, skating, swimming, hiking, skiing, reading, wine and nice hot baths.

Chona - 2200 Hour Diploma

Chona was born and raised in the Philippines where she practiced Massage Therapy for 6 years. After moving to Canada, she began her studies at Holistic Health Training and Research Centre where she completed her 2200 hour massage diploma. Chona has had the privilege of treating patients of all ages and backgrounds in various multidisciplinary settings. Chona holds modalities in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Pre/Postnatal Massage.

She specializes in the following : Neck Stiffness, Frozen Shoulder, Piriformis Syndrome, Muscle Tension and Soft Tissue Injuries of the Arm Wrist And Hand.

Christina Capone - 2200 Hour Diploma

Christina was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and loves all the opportunities the city has to offer. After high school she dabbled in several different fields hoping to find her true calling and she was always lead back to massage therapy. As a graduate of MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy she feels fully prepared and excited to be a member of the Chiropractic Center for Health’s team.

Health and wellness have always been an important part of Christina’s life starting from an early age of playing competitive soccer. She understands the benefits of chiropractic care and massage therapy to improve sports performance as well as overall lifestyle improvement. Armed with that knowledge is why she decided to pursue a career in massage therapy and is happy to help people improve their lives through massage.

When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with family and friends, enjoying live music, as well as working on her dad’s food truck around the city.

Elizabeth Guzman - 3000 Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma

Chiropractic Calgary AB ElizabethI'm originally from South America and have spent half of my life here in Canada, where I had the opportunity to learn English and French. I always had a strong interest in body health; the huge impact of natural healing made me discover a big passion for massage therapy. I'm very passionate about my career and love knowing I have made a difference in my clients’ lives.

My primary goal is to create ease of movement for the client through manipulation of muscles, joints and soft tissue.

Each treatment I provide is detailed for the needs, request and comfort of each patient.

I’m certified in:

  • Injury Treatment
  • Deep Tissue Techniques
  • Advanced Sport Massage
  • Advanced Neuromuscular Techniques
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Cupping Therapy Treatment
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Hot stone
  • Massage Therapy for patient with illness and client care.

When not working, I love to spend time outdoors and being around my family and friends.

Jacobie Bosch - 2200 Hour Diploma

Jacobie enjoys working in a therapeutic setting working with trigger points, headache relief, pre/post-natal massage, posture molding and self-care.

Before getting into the massage program she was working as a Body Talk practitioner with level 2 Reiki which started her great sense of touch through her treatments. She wanted to gain more in depth knowledge of the body with led her to the RMT program. Massage therapy is so beneficial for physical, emotional, mental wellbeing.
Jacobie grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, therefore loves the outdoors. She heads out to the mountains whenever she can. She loves music, spending time with friends and family, making others laugh in any way possible. She also just recently got married and had their first baby boy and she’s loving being a new mom.

Leila Uribe - 3000 Hour Diploma

Chiropractic Calgary AB StaffOriginally from Bolivia, Leila has a deep passion for massage therapy. Leila customizes every treatment and she uses a combination of Swedish massage, therapeutic deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, stretching and strengthening, cupping, hot stone, sport massage and pre/postnatal massage. Leila enjoys seeing the results and sense of wellbeing at the end of each treatment when decrease stress and improve a wide variety of health conditions or postural dysfunctions.

Leila loves knowing she has made a difference in others’ lives when she sees the smiles on their faces. When not at work, Leila's family and friends are her pride and joy!

Lisa Campbell - 2200 Hour Diploma

I try to smile at every opportunity. Especially when I’m thinking of my neice and nephew, who brought me back to Calgary, after finishing my education at MH Vicars in Edmonton. I love to salsa and see the world – as I’ve traveled to Cuba, Mexico, and New Jersey. I am the eldest of five adopted girls. You will find me relaxing and collecting my thoughts in my most favorite place – drinking a hot beverage by a warm campfire!

Michele Bush - 2200 Hour Diploma

Michele is an Alberta girl, born and raised in small towns, landing in Calgary in 2000. She has been practicing massage therapy since 1998 after graduating from Alberta Institute of Massage in Red Deer.

Massage therapy is a very rewarding career, and she loves treating clients, helping in the process of one’s optimum health. In her practice she provides Swedish, pre-natal, reflexology, and myofacial cupping techniques.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter camping, hiking, and downhill skiing. Traveling is a passion and has been to the Mediterranean, Europe, Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand, Australia, US and Fiji. Other passions are chocolate, baking, yoga, and just surrounding herself with people who love her.

Michele is a positive thinker and you will rarely see her without a smile on her face.

Ron Bolton - 2200 Hour Diploma

Chiropractic Calgary AB Ron

Ron loves to help his clients feel and perform their best through quality service and ongoing education and support.  Ron completed his education at MH Vicars School of Massage and is proud to be a member of the Center for Health team.  Ron believes positive change can be experienced by all clients through massage and/or additional non-invasive health care services.

Active listening and purposeful massage allows Ron to address a wide range of issues and health conditions. His client-centric focus delivers results to your primary area of concern as well as improves overall strength and mobility so you feel and perform your best. Leveraging a combination of active release, deep tissue, sport, therapeutic, myofascial, relaxation, Swedish, trigger point release and remedial techniques are the foundational options Ron uses to treat his clients.

Ron and his wife, Sherri raised their two boys in one of Calgary's north central community. He balances his work and active lifestyle with a love of multiple sports including golf, hockey, curling and the outdoors.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as travel.  Ask Ron about his next adventure to Australia and New Zealand!

Natalie Seebold - 2200 Hour Diploma

Natalie has worked at Chiropractic Center for Health since 2005. She is passionate about healing, wellness and the mind-body connection. She completed her RMT Certification in 2004 and has been practicing ever since.

Throughout the duration of her career she has pursued many other interests including a Lamaze Childbirth Educator Certification, a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Myofascial Cupping Therapy and her Reiki Master Level.

Natalie is passionate about working with women during pre and post natal care, people recovering from illness and injury, and helping anyone battling anxiety or stress related illness.

She is talented at creating a calm, restorative and grounding space in which her clients can heal. As a practitioner she values connecting on a meaningful level with her clients and enjoys the experience of witnessing the journeys of others. Some special talents include techniques to induce deep relaxation, intra-oral massage for TMJ related disorders, pre and post natal massage, as well as treatments conducive to healing inner ear imbalances like blocked eustachian tubes and vertigo.

In her spare time Natalie likes to enjoy creative pursuits like colouring and writing. She loves listening to music, being in nature, traveling, and visiting with friends and family.

Sara McGregor - 2200 Hour Diploma

Sara was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario until the age of 15. After several moves with her family (Halifax, NS, Edmonton, AB & Beaumont, AB) she settled in Calgary Alberta. It was here in Calgary where she graduated from Mount Royal College with her certificate in Massage Therapy. Growing up, Sara was very active. She started with gymnastics, then into figure skating. With her family having a swimming pool, there was no keeping her out in the summer. Along with swimming, Sara enjoys traveling, hockey and cross country skiing.

Tabitha Trood - 2200 Hour Diploma

Tabitha was drawn to massage therapy because of her own active lifestyle. Growing up in Ontario and playing competitive hockey for 15 years, as well being a hockey trainer, Tabitha is very aware of the injuries that can occur over time from repetitive sports injuries and overuse. Being able to maintain the body through stretch, strengthening and massage will allow a person to maintain and manage their own body optimally, without pain.

Tabitha believes massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. She encourages her clients to seek out many healthcare options to find what works best for them.

In Tabitha’s spare time she shares her passion of massage as an instructor at MH Vicars School of Massage. She still plays hockey, skies, hikes and loves weight lifting.

Zorka Maric - 2200 Hour Diploma

Zorka was born and raised in Serbia, where she earned her teaching degree and enjoyed working as a teacher for many years. In 1987 she got married and she and her husband moved to Canada and they now have three children. Here in Canada, Zorka worked as a successful realtor for eleven years before she decided to embark on a new career in massage therapy. Zorka graduated from Calgary College of Holistic Health & Clinics in 2010.

Zorka was involved in a several accidents over the years which were the cause of much pain and grief. Through those experiences, she learned how extremely helpful Massage & Chiropractic Care are in the recovery process. She became a Registered Massage Therapist in order to make a difference in people’s lives and she is very grateful that she can be a part of her patient’s recovery process. Zorka provides Swedish Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Reflexology.

In her free time, Zorka loves spending time with her family by going hiking, watching movies and also baking. Gardening plays a big part of her free time when the weather permits. She also enjoys helping her husband in his shop building custom billiard cues and is quite the woodworker herself.

Alejandra Guerrero - 3000 Hour Diploma

Alejandra was born and raised in Colombia. She moved to Calgary three years ago from Saint John NB. She loves meeting new clients and working with them to improve their health. She offers a wonderful combination of therapeutic and specially treatments in her massage. She believes that's Therapy is an interactive process between the Therapist and Client. She specializes in Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Relase, Hot stone, Sport Massage and Cupping. In her spare time Ale enjoys spending time with family, traveling, playing soccer, fitness and dancing.

Joyce Adams - 2200 Hour Diploma

Chiropractic Calgary AB Joyce Adams

Joyce was born in Medicine Hat and moved to Calgary at a young age- embracing the big city that she now calls home! After graduating high school, she spent some time working in the automobile industry, however she always knew that her true passion lay in the health care industry. After contemplating the many career options, her heart was won over by Massage Therapy.

Since graduating with a 2200 hour diploma from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy she feels knowledgeable and ecstatic to excel within a career she now considers her number one passion. Joyce greatly values self care- specifically when it comes to natural remedies, such as massage therapy, which she has found to be an excellent tool to help not only herself, but all individuals. She understands the importance of caring for your body and mind to ensure you can carry on with your daily life at your absolute best. It is her belief that Massage Therapy is the real deal; to calm your mind, decrease stress, target common aches, assist in recovery from injuries and treat chronic pain. To achieve these benefits Joyce uses a variety of techniques in her practice including general relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

In her spare time she enjoys yoga, hiking, cooking, reading and spending time with friends and family.


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