Massage for Pregnancy, Infant and Pediatrics in Calgary AB

Chiropractic Calgary AB Expecting Mothers

While massage is often viewed as a luxurious spa treatment, did you know that it can be highly beneficial for infants, children, and pregnant women? Massage in Calgary AB is one of the many ways that we help our patients enjoy optimal health. It works well with chiropractic to allow children and expecting moms to feel their best.

Massage for Expecting Mothers in Calgary AB

One of the most significant benefits of massage for expecting mothers is that it releases those feel-good endorphins and lowers her stress levels. When the mom is less stressed her baby will be as well.

As relaxin (a hormone secreted by the placenta that causes the cervix to dilate and prepares the uterus for the action of oxytocin during labor) sets in, moms body starts changing in so many ways, causing many different postural changes resulting in aches and pains that can be uncomfortable and stressful.

At the beginning of pregnancy, we recommend that moms come in at least once per month and then more often as their due date approaches. Some women may be concerned about getting a massage during the first trimester as that's when miscarriages can occur.

Rest assured that massage is completely safe throughout pregnancy, and our highly trained therapists know the places on the body to avoid during the first trimester.

Pre-labor, Delivery, and Postpartum

By helping to promote relaxation, massage can help moms-to-be get ready for labor and delivery. Our massage therapists can teach them some effective techniques to help them relax during labor and childbirth. The first few months after delivery can be overwhelming for new mothers, due to breastfeeding, posture changes, baby blues, and even postpartum depression, massage is particularly beneficial for the first year.

Your massage therapist is well-versed in the techniques that are most appropriate for you at certain times postpartum. She will connect with you and help ensure that you feel good about yourself.

What Happens During the Appointment?

You may book a 60 or 90-minute massage, which can include upper body or full bodywork depending on your needs at that given time of pregnancy. Your therapist will have you lie on your tummy, side-lying, back or semi-reclined depending on where you are during your pregnancy, always keeping your health and the safety of mom and baby in mind.

Each therapist has a different style and techniques she will use throughout your treatment, many common areas of pain are low back, hips, shoulders, neck, and low legs. We will check in with you each time you come in and change our treatment as needed as we understand you go through many physical as well as emotional changes throughout your pregnancy.

How Massage Benefits Infants and Children

From Day One, infants can benefit from massage and chiropractic care. Stay tuned for workshops coming soon where we will work with parents to teach them how to massage their infant, this is a great way for parents to bond with baby.

We usually book 30-minute sessions for kids until around age 10 though it depends on the child. Massage in children has been known to help with sleep, stress, growing pains, and any muscle imbalances.

You may be surprised to find your otherwise active child become relaxed when lying on the massage table. To keep younger kids engaged, we do things like "make pizzas" on their backs.

For example, as the therapist is performing the massage, she may "roll out the pizza dough", "add mushrooms", "sprinkle cheese", or "spread pizza sauce". Discover how massage therapy can help you and your children feel fantastic.


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