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Pediatric Chiropractic in Calgary

Chiropractic Care for Pediatrics in Calgary

The practice of pediatric care within the chiropractic profession is based on the principle that children are unique beings undergoing the sophisticated process of human development and not merely 'little adults'. Dr. Shaunessy, our pediatric chiropractor in Calgary, has undergone specialized training to address the unique needs of this population. Chiropractic care for infants often looks more like a massage, but the contact and intent is more specific, resulting in a gentle chiropractic adjustment, which restores proper movement and function to the body. As your child grows, Dr. Shaunessy is trained to deliver gentle chiropractic care, including both manual and instrument-assisted adjustments, while understanding the specific parameters that apply to their body in that stage of development.

'Why would I need to bring my baby to a chiropractor?'
'Did you just adjust their baby?'
'Why would someone bring their baby to see you?'

These questions are my favourite. The short answer is, they have a spine and nervous system just like you, so they benefit in the same way. Interestingly, proper attention to the development of the spine and nervous system early in life and throughout childhood can lead to fewer spinal and health problems as an adult. Consequently, beginning chiropractic care as an infant, allows for these babies to live their best lives right from birth.

Newborns, infants, toddlers, children and teenagers benefit from chiropractic care, just like adults do. Every person, young or old, is susceptible to stress and trauma to their spine and Nervous System. Whether from certain postures, habits, activities, environmental factors, personal hygiene products, or events-we all have stressors in our lives. A child's spine will generally respond faster to chiropractic care than an adult's spine as their bodies heal faster and are more resilient. When our body is able to self-regulate and self-heal, it functions as intended and as a result, we can achieve optimal health. So whether a few days old or 80 years old, chiropractic care at Chiropractic Center for Health helps our practice members live healthier and happier lives.

How does Chiropractic in Calgary help infants and children?

From posture, to birth trauma, to breastfeeding challenges, to tongue ties and other oral restrictions, to torticollis (asymmetrical neck tightness) and plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), to the many bumps and falls, to scoliosis and backpack health-Dr. Shaunessy can help. At the root of all the above and anything you would see a chiropractor for, is the relationship between structure (The Spine and Cranium) and function (The Nervous System).

Many of the most recent studies investigating chiropractic care, indicate what chiropractors in Calgary and millions of patients have known for years. The chiropractic adjustment doesn't just improve your pain! It actually improves your brain-body connection, helping your brain 'see' what is happening in the body. This allows your brain to control your body better, and so you can feel your best. When a spinal segment doesn't move properly, it actually changes how your brain receives and responds to all other sensory information coming in from your body and the surrounding environment. These segments can be tender, have increase tightness in the surrounding muscles, have abnormal movement, among other abnormalities, and are called vertebral subluxations. Therefore, when Dr. Shaunessy adjusts the vertebral subluxation, it acts as a sort-of 'reset' for your body and brain so they can better communicate, resulting in proper function and less pain.

More and more, parents see the benefits of preventative care and are proactive about their family's health. In fact, a new study confirms what our families have known for years, that when newborns receive chiropractic care, the quality of life is better for both Mom and baby. This study was done in the UK with almost 2000 infants receiving chiropractic care. Mothers reported statistically significant improvements across all aspects of infant behaviour studied, including feeding problems, sleep issues, excessive crying, problems with (sleeping on their back), infant pain, restricted (neck) movement, and time spent in tummy time. In addition, maternal ratings of depression, anxiety, and satisfaction with motherhood also showed statistically significant improvement (even though it was only their babies under care-Mom's mental health is so key in this Motherhood Transition!)

If you are in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, or other surrounding communities, and wonder if Chiropractic care in Calgary could help your child but you still have questions, Dr. Shaunessy would love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. Otherwise, if you are looking for a Chiropractor in your area who is specially trained to care for children, the largest organization teaching Doctors of Chiropractic about pediatric and perinatal care, is the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). You can find a pediatric chiropractor here!


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