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As a chiropractor in Calgary, I don't claim any cure for infertility or other ailments. What I do as a chiropractor, is assess and adjust spinal and pelvic restrictions to help the brain and body self-heal and adapt to the modern stressors in our life. The science behind this is amazing. How can a spinal restriction or misalignment affect your brain and nervous system? The brain and nervous system control all other systems of the body and bodily functions. This intelligence is our master control system. When part of your spine isn't moving well, this acts as a physical stressor to your nervous system due to the strain on the joint, muscles, ligaments and nerves surrounding that area, but also as a chemical stressor, as there is an accumulation of inflammatory markers inside the joints. The brain receives this negative information from the body via your nervous system. This negative stress is the neurological connection between the restriction in your spine, and your limbic system, which signals the cascade of the stress response.

How Stress Can Affect Infertility in Calgary

When we are stressed, there are two systems activated: the sympatho-adrenal system (SAS) and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA). The SAS activates our sympathetic nervous system (think fight or flight response), which releases hormones into the bloodstream. Once these hormones reach the adrenal glands, they release adrenaline (again, fight or flight response) to supply energy to the muscles and heart in preparation for stress, and thus taking away energy from the reproductive, immune and gastrointestinal systems (think rest and digest response). The HPA axis activates the brain to release more hormones. When these hormones reach the adrenal glands, they release cortisol. And where does this energy go? To the muscles in preparation for stress (again, fight or flight response). This stress response is normal IF the stressor is removed within a short period. However, when the stressor persists, you have a chronic release of stress hormones negatively affecting your immune, reproduction and GI systems, leading to disease and illness. Did you know that 75 to 90% of all medical doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints?

When I remove this stressor with a chiropractic adjustment at Chiropractic Center for Health in Calgary, I interrupt the chronic stress response and redirect that energy to nourish the systems of your body that promote growth and health. A famous quote by Dr. Bruce Lipton says "A cell cannot be under growth and protection at the same time." So every time I adjust a restriction in your spine, I'm replacing the negative information that is flooding your brain, with positive information. This positive information is the restoration of normal movement and function, allowing your brain to stop releasing chronic stress hormones and allowing your body to self-heal and self-regulate. This positive effect on your brain promotes overall health and well-being, and a state of ease within your body. So why do women become pregnant under chiropractic care when they hadn't been able to before? The chiropractic adjustment restores normal movement and physiology, allowing your body to function as it was intended: easily adapting, self-healing, self-regulating, and maintaining optimal health.


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