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Are you interested in receiving acupuncture in Calgary? Read this article to learn more.

Why is Acupuncture so Popular in Calgary?

SAFE: Acupuncture is proven to be one of the safest therapies available. It is natural and virtually has no negative side effects. Acupuncture stimulates the body to heal itself. With the use of high-quality needles and experienced techniques, your Acupuncture treatments with Evelyn are safe and pain-free. Evelyn provides her patients with safe, relaxing and comfortable treatments.

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EFFECTIVE: Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine and has stood the test of time, easily adapting to modern health disorders. As a result, it is used worldwide, and countless studies have shown it to be effective for a wide range of health conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO), based on clinical trails, officially recognizes the efficacy of Acupuncture for a wide range of diseases, symptoms and conditions.

Evelyn uses ancient and advanced Acupuncture systems that aim to provide you immediate pain relief and longer-lasting results.

NATURAL: Acupuncture harnesses and amplifies the most powerful healing tool - YOU! Acupuncture stimulates and increases more of your body's own intrinsic natural healing resources. Acupuncture offers a drug-free option for a variety of conditions, including pain.

"The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well" - Hippocrates

FEELS GOOD: An Acupuncture treatment is highly relaxing - it is probably the only time in your day you get to lie down and rest! During an Acupuncture treatment, your whole body actively shifts into a state of balance. As a result, your body instantly starts to relax and heal - most people fall asleep.


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